by Mouni

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released December 22, 2015




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Mouni Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: High Score
shame to be seventeen
when you're in high school
following the rules

i played hooky
bought some treats
beat my old high score
beat my old high score

ditch with me
sit in a movie
living off popcorn
keeping my seat warm

why can't i sit still
just need some jilly bill
Track Name: Zoroaster
I'm at the spot
with zoroaster
we bunker down
for six or seven hours in a box
the lights are dim
head in a coffin
I'm working on my hand to eye coordination
ear to mind reverberation

the coke machines
got my bill
I'm out of wallet
needing it still
punching it last hope
no quarters back
thirsty and wired

your ears are like
gold medallions
im chewing on
my tongue and sweating colder than the dark
but never mind
I'm back in providence
the lighter side
laughing hard not nihilistic
arguing bout all the logistics

the coke destroyers
got my pill
I'm in a tight space
looking at jill
talk in the microphone
echoing back
thirsty and wired
Track Name: Leftovers
you're nobody's leftovers
take a bite from by strawberry heart
it tastes like the last one
and i'm just waiting for dark
waiting for dark

you gotta live to love life
you gotta love to get it
and when you left my love life
i had to live and forget (repeat)

will somebody pushover
take a bit from my blueberry heart
the blues spread like wildfire
and I'm just playing my part
playing guitar

you gotta live to love life
you gotta love to get it
and when you left my love life
i had to live and forget
Track Name: Deadpool
I'm just getting back I'm on my own track just jumping up to fall
deep dishes til dawn i'm reflecting long I've gotta got rest by then
dead pool I'm cool i don't judge
better than it gets
I'm dreaming sweating now
you're just getting back we gotta relax
i'm outta the weeds but somebody needs a hand a heart
102 remy medics yes
get my type right back gett my deal back long draw
dead pool I'm cool lets rule
I'm swimming on a whim and
I've got my own walls too
and then she's gone